Semantic search

Offer an efficient access to your users to both structured information and unstructured data. The business search in the area of the corporate intranets is a task dependent on the context and on the individual, and therefore, this information must be incorporated the logs of search for later statistical analysis. Across this analysis user´s profiles can be created and optimize the process of search to suggest the access to the information for that this looking even before it realizes the consultation.

Also we are experienced at the management of specific ontologies that will facilitate a conceptual navigation to us doing the most accessible useful information from perspectives that one would not have raised initially.

Parallel processing

It is a process technology consists in carrying out multiple simultaneous actions or tasks operations across different CPUs (Central Units of Process). It is basically a cooperative process that requires architecture of interrelated microprocessors that share tasks.

The parallel processing is a technology very used in the computational field to emulate to big supercomputer. Through a set of computers working in parallel it´s possible to increase the efficiency.

The cloud computing is a common term currently based on utility and consumption of computing resources . Cloud computing involves deploying groups of remote servers and software networks that allow centralized data storage and online access to computer services or resources of the whole planet.

The main advantages are.

  • Efficiency. Improving the response time in the operations solution.
  • Scalability. The capacity of processing can grow as there are introduced new microprocessors from several places of planet.
  • Increased fault-tolerance in operations. In the case that certain microprocessors stop giving service tasks are shared between active ones.
  • Lower economic cost: a set of microprocessors is more profitable and cheaper than the maintenance cost of a supercomputer.

Social networks

Nowadays the Social Networks and the Social Media, generally can be a source of income for the company. Social they are mass media based on the social interaction, answer to the human need to company. Social media are communications media based on the social interactions and respond to the natural needs for social relations. They promote the knowledge and information democratization, transforming the persons from content consumers to content producers.

The principal advantages are.

  • Visibility. Improving brand & product awareness and amplifying the impact of the famous word of mouth marketing.
  • Enhance customer’s loyalty. Creating a community related to the company or brand.
  • Communication. Improving the channels of communications with customers, knowing directly the opinion of people, promoting the customers relationship.
  • Increase business opportunities.

Computer vision

Computer vision is a field that includes methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing, and understanding images and, in general, high-dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information. The image data can come from a variety of sources as a sequence of video, images from multiple cameras, or multi-dimensional information of doctor scanners.

Our expertise is focused in digital writing products that greatly simply the capture from printed forms and recognition systems both printed writing (OCR - optical character recognition) as handwriting (ICR - intelligent character recognition).

Collective intelligence

The growing number of people using internet, intentionally or incidentally, has increased drastically, creating a huge pool of data which provide to us million of potential possibilities of the user´s experience, marketing, personal tastes and behaviour I humanize in general.

The Collective Intelligence describes situations where the interaction of a group of persons generates results more intelligent that if they were acting isolated or one was entrusting the solution to an expert.

With this concept of collective intelligence we compile information of users from their applications in order to analyze and understand the information founded.

Expert systems

Expert systems are called this way because they emulate the behaviour of an expert in a concrete domain and sometimes are used by themselves. Using expert systems we achieve more quality and speed, allowing an improvement in the expert productivity.

With the help of an Expert System, most o least experienced persons can solve problems that need a "formal specialized knowledge". The Expert Systems can obtain conclusions and solve problems o faster than the human experts.

The use of Expert Systems is specially recommended in the following situations.

  • When the human experts in a certain matter are scanty.
  • In complex situations, where the human subjectivity allow us to acquire flawed conclusions.
  • When the volume of data is too high to achieve a conclusion.
  • Supporting decision making. Based control systems.

Data mining

Information is the most valuable assets in a company. Inside a company already great quantity of information is gathered on different events. The use of different methods enables cleaning and correlating this information, allowing that the important events should be identified and achieving that the key business decisions could be carried out real time.

Also these big sets of information can migrate, organize and transform efficiently using these algorithms.

Across the modernization, the processes and manual systems become totally automated, saving time and optimizing the business operations.

Artificial intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence is one of the areas of the computational sciences in charge of the creation of IT applications or electronic devices that incorporate some advanced capacity that tries to emulate the human intelligence.

The Artificial Intelligence includes such human characteristics as the learning, the adjustment, the reasoning, the self-adjustment, the implicit improvement and the perception to shape of the world. This way, we can speak already about several aims, depending on the point of view or usefulness we want to give to the IA.

One of the main characteristics that can offer us the Artificial Intelligence is the aptitude to understand our problems and to suggest solutions to us for them.